Help Getting Pregnant

Couples who have been trying to conceive for months or even years without success may begin to look to message boards, books, or even medical intervention for help getting pregnant. Even a couple with normal fertility may only have a 25% chance of pregnancy following random intercourse in any given cycle. This is because the woman is only fertile for approximately 6 days per cycle, whereas the man is fertile during the entire cycle. If intercourse is not timed during the correct fertile window, pregnancy will not be achieved, and a couple may begin to wonder if one or both of them is infertile.

There are countless websites offering help getting pregnant using various herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, and alternative techniques such as acupuncture. Although these may increase your fertility—particularly if you quit smoking or drug use or attain a healthy weight, for instance—poor timing of intercourse still will prevent pregnancy achievement. As months go by without a pregnancy, stress between a couple can mount. Although stress will not prevent a pregnancy per se, it can delay ovulation and make it more difficult to time intercourse, thereby affecting pregnancy indirectly. Therefore, it is important for a couple to relax and learn the best tips for help getting pregnant.

Because timing is so important, fertility charting offers the most help getting pregnant. At its most basic, fertility charting includes the woman taking her basal body temperature at the same time each morning. The first day of red menstrual bleeding marks day 1 of the cycle, and although it is commonly believed that “normal” women ovulate on day 14, ovulation actually may occur between days 8 and 22, or even later. A thermal shift from lower to higher temperatures, and sustainment of that shift for 12 or more days suggests that you have ovulated and have a sufficient luteal phase length to sustain implantation should the egg become fertilized. However, the thermal shift cannot be used to predict timing intercourse because by the time your temperature increases, the egg is no longer viable.

For that reason, help getting pregnant is offered by supplementing your basal body chart with cervical fluid, position, opening, and texture charting. As ovulation approaches, the cervical fluid increases and becomes reminiscent of raw egg white. In addition, the cervix rises in the vagina and becomes more open and soft. Its texture changes from that of the tip of your nose to that of your lips. After ovulation has passed, the cervical fluid dries up and the cervix reverts to its pre-ovulatory state. By charting this information, you will have a great deal of help getting pregnant quickly.

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