Cost of Pregnancy Tests

The cost of pregnancy tests is often bemoaned by women who have been trying to conceive for many months and have spent hundreds on disappointing, negative pregnancy tests. The good news is that you can purchase a pregnancy test for as little as a few cents per test (about $6 for 25 on, but if you are not willing to handle your own urine, you might find yourself purchasing a single test for $3 – 10 dollars depending on whether you are choosing a digital version.

The most expensive drugstore brands typically include 2 or more tests per pack and no option to purchase single-use pregnancy tests. This increases the total cost of pregnancy tests, and if you are very likely to be pregnancy (e.g., if you have already missed your period), you probably do not need more than one test. However, the cost of pregnancy tests can be alleviated by purchasing your tests online in bulk and perhaps by splitting the costs with a friend.

Many people who purchase pregnancy tests in bulk are so impressed by the low cost that they test daily starting as early as 6 days after ovulation because they feel that the price is low enough to allow for a “pee on a stick” habit. This can cause unnecessary disappointment, however, because a series of negative tests can lead a woman to question whether her pregnancy efforts were successful that cycle.

The cheapest pregnancy tests require you to dip a pregnancy strip in a cup of concentrated urine and wait 3 – 5  minutes for a result, visualized as a line in the test region. Whether or not you are pregnant, you should see a line in the control region. If not, the test is not valid, and you should re-test.

If your goal is to minimize the cost of your pregnancy tests so you can test often and early, it is a good idea to purchase them in bulk. You can also purchase pregnancy tests and ovulation tests together to better predict your ovulation date and thus begin testing for pregnancy at an appropriate time. Combined, these tests might cost you $10 for enough tests daily for a full month. Alternatively, if you prefer the midstream tests, you can find the lowest-cost pregnancy tests from a big box store like WalMart that sells 2 Equate brand tests for less than $10. In this case, you should start testing the day of your missed period.

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